adjustments to packaging for new upstream
[xmltv.git] / debian / xmltv-util.install
2012-06-12 Chris Butleradjustments to packaging for new upstream
2011-08-19 Chris ButlerUpdate list of grabbers to install
2010-11-29 Chris Butleradded new grabbers: pt_meo and fi_sv
2010-09-07 Chris Butlertv_grab_ar temporarily removed due to site changes.
2010-05-23 Chris ButlerReverted previous nonsensical change.
2010-05-22 Chris ButlerDo not install tv_grab_it_dvb on non-linux ports, requi...
2010-04-21 Chris Butleradded it_dvb to install file
2010-04-20 Chris Butlerrestored tv_grab_nl
2010-04-20 Chris Butlerupdated install files for new grabbers/libs
2009-08-15 chrisbMigrated packaging to dh
2009-08-14 chrisbadd _za back into install file
2009-03-17 chrisb* New upstream release
2009-01-14 chrisb* New upstream release
2008-09-18 chrisb* New upstream release
2008-07-14 chrisb* New upstream release
2008-02-18 chrisb* New upstream release
2007-11-06 chrisbadded new files
2007-11-05 chrisb* New upstream release
2007-10-02 chrisbremoved _is and _br
2007-08-02 chrisb* New upstream release
2007-07-11 chrisbupdated install
2007-07-11 chrisbupdated install
2007-02-21 chrisbadded missing files to install lists
2006-07-02 chrisbremoved tv_grab_ch
2006-07-02 chrisbxmltv (0.5.44-1) unstable; urgency=low
2006-06-04 chrisbremove tv_grab_se from build list
2006-05-25 chrisbremoved tv_grab_au from install list
2006-05-25 chrisbxmltv (0.5.43-1) unstable; urgency=low
2006-01-18 chrisbLoad xmltv-0.5.42 into xmltv/xmltv/trunk.