2012-06-15 Chris Butlerrelease master
2012-06-15 Chris Butlerremoved broken grabbers: dtv_la, ee, es_miguiatv, nl, pt
2012-06-15 Chris ButlerNew upstream release
2012-06-15 Chris ButlerMerge tag 'upstream/0.5.63'
2012-06-15 Chris ButlerImported Upstream version 0.5.63 upstream
2012-06-12 Chris ButlerUpped Standards-Version to 3.9.3 (no changes required)
2012-06-12 Chris Butleradded patch to fix pod2man errors
2012-06-12 Chris Butlerreplaced libcompress-zlib-perl dependency with libio...
2012-06-12 Chris Butlerfix random git conflicts
2012-06-12 Chris Butleradjustments to packaging for new upstream
2012-06-11 Chris Butlerrefreshed patches
2012-06-11 Chris Butlerupdating changelog for new upstream release
2012-06-11 Chris ButlerMerge tag 'upstream/0.5.62'
2012-06-11 Chris ButlerImported Upstream version 0.5.62
2012-06-03 Chris ButlerAdded liblinux-dvb-perl build-dependency back for linux...
2011-08-19 Chris Butleradded (build-)dep on libdata-dump-perl (required by... debian/0.5.61-1
2011-08-19 Chris Butleradded (build-)dep on libjson-perl (required by new...
2011-08-19 Chris ButlerUpped Standards-Version to 3.9.2 (no changes required)
2011-08-19 Chris Butlerready for release
2011-08-19 Chris ButlerUpdate list of grabbers to install
2011-08-19 Chris ButlerRefreshed patches
2011-08-19 Chris Butlerremoved tv_grab_fi patch, now released upstream
2011-08-19 Chris ButlerNew upstream release
2011-08-19 Chris ButlerImported Upstream version 0.5.61
2011-08-19 Chris ButlerImported Upstream version 0.5.61 upstream/0.5.61
2010-11-30 Chris ButlerFixed tv_grab_fi by updating to revision 1.58 from... origin/master debian/0.5.59-1
2010-11-29 Chris Butleradded new grabbers: pt_meo and fi_sv
2010-11-29 Chris ButlerRefreshed patches
2010-11-29 Chris ButlerNew upstream release
2010-11-29 Chris ButlerMerge commit 'upstream/0.5.59'
2010-11-29 Chris ButlerImported Upstream version 0.5.59 origin/upstream upstream/0.5.59
2010-09-19 Chris Butleradd a local-options file for dpkg-source
2010-09-07 Chris Butlerrelease debian/0.5.58-1
2010-09-07 Chris Butlertv_grab_ar temporarily removed due to site changes.
2010-09-07 Chris ButlerRemoved patches applied upstream.
2010-09-07 Chris ButlerMerge commit 'upstream/0.5.58'
2010-09-07 Chris ButlerImported Upstream version 0.5.58 upstream/0.5.58
2010-06-05 Chris ButlerAdd missing 'import' statement to tv_grab_it_dvb warnin...
2010-05-23 Chris Butlerdch -r debian/0.5.57-3
2010-05-23 Chris ButlerReverted previous nonsensical change.
2010-05-23 Chris ButlerAdded missing (build-)dependency on libtext-iconv-perl...
2010-05-22 Chris Butlerfix substvars debian/0.5.57-2
2010-05-22 Chris Butlerdch -r
2010-05-22 Chris ButlerRevert "remove gitignore"
2010-05-22 Chris ButlerRevert "Revert "fix rules""
2010-05-22 Chris ButlerRevert "fix rules"
2010-05-22 Chris Butlerremove gitignore
2010-05-22 Chris Butlerfix rules linux-dvb origin/linux-dvb
2010-05-22 Chris ButlerDo not install tv_grab_it_dvb on non-linux ports, requi...
2010-04-23 Chris Butlerreverting patches ubuntu-0.5.57 origin/ubuntu-0.5.57
2010-04-21 Chris Butlerrelease 0.5.57-1
2010-04-21 Chris ButlerRemoved obsolete debian/README.source file.
2010-04-21 Chris Butleradded it_dvb to install file
2010-04-21 Chris ButlerAdded dependency on libparse-recdescent-perl
2010-04-21 Chris Butlergitignore for .pc
2010-04-21 Chris ButlerAdded build-dep on liblinux-dvb-perl.
2010-04-21 Chris ButlerCorrected debhelper build-dependency (7.0.50 required...
2010-04-21 Chris ButlerRemoving debian changes not in patches
2010-04-21 Chris ButlerRefreshed patches
2010-04-21 Chris ButlerMerge branch 'experimental-manip-fixes'
2010-04-21 Chris ButlerMerge branch 'upstream'
2010-04-21 Chris ButlerImported Upstream version 0.5.57 upstream/0.5.57
2010-04-20 Chris ButlerUpdate patches with DEP-3 headers. experimental-manip-fixes origin/experimental-manip-fixes
2010-04-20 Chris ButlerRemoved lib_tz_manip patch, integrated upstream.
2010-04-20 Chris Butlerremove unused patch
2010-04-20 Chris ButlerRemoved disable_it_dvb patch
2010-04-20 Chris ButlerRemoved patches for tv_grab_jp
2010-04-20 Chris Butlerfixed version number in NEWS file
2010-04-20 Chris ButlerRemoved accidental duplication in xmltv.dtd (closes...
2010-04-20 Chris ButlerAlso removed build-dep on quilt.
2010-04-20 Chris Butleralso remove quilt build-dep
2010-04-20 Chris ButlerUpped Standards-Version to 3.8.4
2010-04-20 Chris Butlerrestored tv_grab_nl
2010-04-20 Chris Butlerupdated series file
2010-04-20 Chris Butleradded fix for lib/TZ.pm
2010-04-20 Chris ButlerRemove unneeded patch, refresh others
2010-04-20 Chris Butlerupdated install files for new grabbers/libs
2010-04-20 Chris ButlerImported Upstream version 0.5.56+cvs20100328
2010-03-28 Chris ButlerMoved packaging into git, updated debian/control accord... update-vcs origin/update-vcs
2010-03-27 Chris ButlerRevert Date::Manip fixes patch. origin/upstream origin/origin/upstream
2010-02-06 Chris ButlerUpdated to source format 3.0 (quilt), removed --with...
2010-01-19 chrisbApplied patch from CVS to fix incompatibilites with...
2009-11-03 chrisbUpdated to source format 3.0 (quilt)
2009-08-15 chrisbadded misc:Depends
2009-08-15 chrisbUpdated to Standards-Version 3.8.2 (no changes required)
2009-08-15 chrisbMigrated packaging to dh
2009-08-14 chrisbadd _za back into install file
2009-08-14 chrisbAdded libdatetime-format-strptime-perl to (Build-)Depends
2009-08-14 chrisb* Disabled grab/it_dvb as Linux::DVB module is currentl...
2009-08-14 chrisb* New upstream release
2009-08-14 chrisb[svn-upgrade] Integrating new upstream version, xmltv...
2009-03-17 chrisb* New upstream release
2009-03-17 chrisb[svn-upgrade] Integrating new upstream version, xmltv...
2009-02-15 chrisbUpgraded tv_grab_it to upstream CVS revision 1.65 to...
2009-02-15 chrisbMigrated from dpatch to quilt
2009-01-31 chrisbadded bug number to new release changelog entry, and...
2009-01-14 chrisbtypo
2009-01-14 chrisb* New upstream release
2009-01-14 chrisb[svn-upgrade] Integrating new upstream version, xmltv...
2008-09-18 chrisbs/libxml-xslt-perl/libxml-libxslt-perl/